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Our Approach

AlphaMundi Foundation is committed to sharing lessons learned to accelerate the development of the impact investing field. The Gender Smart Enterprise Assistance Research Coalition (G-SEARCh) is our flagship field building effort.


Who we are

G-SEARCh comprises a group of six, like-minded impact investors committed to investing with a gender lens. Consortium members include AlphaMundi, Acumen, SEAF, Root Capital, Shell Foundation, and AHL Venture Partners.

What we're doing

Each investor provides and supports gender-smart technical assistance (TA) activities across business operations to select SMEs in their portfolio. By creating G-SEARCh, consortium members recognize an opportunity to leverage our respective efforts to identify similar challenges, opportunities, lessons learned, and replicable insights to be shared with the broader investment community. By coming together, we have created a unique research opportunity to collate and analyze data spanning 25+ SMEs that are implementing gender-smart interventions. Our research partner, the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (WDI), is measuring the effectiveness of different approaches and tools that consortium members deploy as part of the effort to build the business case and evidence base for gender-lens investing.


Building the business case

With support from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and USAID’s Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance, WDI is investigating the outcomes of gender-smart TA provided to SMEs and effectiveness of different approaches and tools used by consortium members across 25+ SMEs. The research will test our gender-lens investing hypothesis and build the base of evidence for this approach through toolkits and case studies that facilitate knowledge sharing with SMEs, as they seek to become more gender inclusive, and with impact investors, as they allocate resources to gender-smart interventions.

Business and Social Outcomes
of Gender-Smart Technical
Assistance Activities in Small
and Medium Enterprises


01 - Gender-smart technical assistance activities contribute to positive business and social outcomes for companies and their stakeholders such as employees, customers, distributors and producers.
02 - Business outcomes for companies can include improved brand loyalty, improved workplace culture, a formal commitment to gender equality, increased sales or number of customers, and more interest or funding from new or existing investors.
03 - Social outcomes for the technical assistance’s target audience can include improved skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and mental health, higher income or job engagement, greater respect and standing in the workplace and/or community, and increased pride or loyalty to the company.


Our Partnerships

AlphaMundi’s work is supported by the following donors and strategic partners.

G-SEARCh Consortium

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Strategic Partners


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